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How to grow your business on Facebook

So your page is setup and you have input a little bit of information into it to identify your business – that’s great!

Now it’s time to fully populate your page and start drawing people in and there are a number of ways to begin this process.

  1. If you already previously had a Facebook page then you will be prompted to invite your existing friends to like your page.  Take advantage of this to start with. (insert community invite image)
  2. Upload quality profile and cover photo’s that suit your business’s real-world style.  Ideally your Logo will fit nicely into the profile picture and you can get a little more creative with you cover photo; remember that it’s not permanent, in fact refreshing your cover photo can be a good idea.
  3. To the right hand side on your main page will be a ‘Our Story’ block that will allow you to talk about your business, how it has grown up in the community and what it offer.  Once you have filled this out you will notice an image can be placed at the top of this block.  I recommend a team photo.
  4. If you are familiar with some of your top customers/clients or Facebook friends, this is the time to request that they leave a 5-star review on your business page.  These mean a great deal to new leads and it’s a good idea to get started early.  These reviews will appear on your review page and in your inbox.  Respond to each and every one with a fun and polite attitude.  You can get past a bad review if the community knows your team tried their best to help.
  5. Offline marketing campaign.
    • Service company:  Have your staff ask each customer ‘if you were happy with my service today please like and review us on Facebook, we would really appreciate it’.  There is no need to be pushy, your customers (if satisfied) will generally be happy to do so.
    • Storefront business:  Chalkboard sign, A-frame or poster in your store that says ‘VIP Discount – 5% off storewide to our Facebook followers.
    • 5% off too much? Simply add a cheap accessory on to their purchase.  It doesn’t cost them a cent to like your page so you don’t need to offer the world.
  6. Begin posting relevant quality content on a regular basis.

Quality Content

So what is quality content exactly?  At this stage exposure is paramount and quality will be measured by it’s ability to encourage follower interaction and sharing.  Someone ‘Sharing’ a post you have made is the best outcome you can hope for.  This means a totally new audience (their friends or targeted groups) will be exposed to your post and hopefully become followers themselves.

For this to happen you will need to create posts that are informative and/or interesting to your audience.  You want the posts to be a specific to your business as possible at the same time, generic articles are not going to be enough to convert new followers.

When creating a post you have three options:

  1. Video + Text
  2. Image + Text
  3. Text only

Video content is typically considered the best form of content you can provide.  It allows your customers to get a ‘behind the scenes’ peak into your business, how it runs, your staff and you!  You can convey your message far quicker through video than you could through text and engagement will typically be higher than image content.  On the other hand, this will also be your most time-consuming method of content creation so don’t feel you have to do it too often.  Keep it for the special events.

  • Ensure that you have a good quality video capture device (high-range smartphones will be fine in most cases).
  • To start out with aim to keep your videos between 30 seconds and 1 minute in length.
  • If you are recording narration or a talking head then make sure the audio comes through properly before uploading.
  • Don’t focus too much on making a professional production, followers want to see realism.
  • Having a script doesn’t hurt, even if it is just an outline this will give your speaker much more confidence.
  • Expect to do quite a number of takes.

If you are having trouble where to start, think about what makes your business unique.  Why would the customer choose you over your competitors?  I bet you can come up with a bunch of reasons.  Don’t just list these out while speaking to the camera though, words are cheap and this is why you are shooting video in the first place – to SHOW them why they should choose you.  Here’s a couple suggestions to help you start brainstorming:


  • Show your employees preparing for the day before heading out to their jobs.
  • Interview the office staff or boss asking them how they help the workforce.
  • Have your employees shoot video of travelling to a job and talking about it.
  • (With permission) Shoot a customer interaction.
  • Take before and after videos to show a transformation after work is complete.


  • Film a delivery coming in and unbox some of your merchandise.
  • Have a staff member walk you through the shop, pointing out your top items.
  • Perform some how-to’s if suitable to your business  (e.g. IT store demonstrates a hard drive installation).
  • Have the team explain why they love working for your business.

Image content covers includes both photography and graphics, or a combination of both!  This can be thought of as the middle ground between video and text – It’s going to take far less time than creating a video however your post will also be much more eye-catching than a simple piece of text.  When you delve into paid Facebook marketing you quickly discover that the platform already knows what is most effective and they will steer you towards that type of image.  For instance if you create a text-heavy design (similar to content you might place on a business flyer) they will either block your post or charge you additional fees for running it.  To take this one step further it has also been proven that the images most likely to grab a user’s attention are those that appear to be real life photo’s.  There is so much online advertising these days that people tend to skip past anything that looks like it might be attempting to sell to them, so if your photo looks raw and authentic (like something their friends might post) then you might just be able to grab their attention.

  • Ensure that you have a good quality camera (high-range smartphones will be fine in most cases).
  • Save yourself some time and stock up on images when going on a photo-shoot – you’ll use them all eventually!
  • Do a little quality control, trash anything that looks blurry, has a noticeable flash, is too dark or washed out.
  • Be real.  Use yourself and your people where possible.  Remember not to use photo’s of your customers without written consent.

Just like video, if you are having trouble where to start, think about what makes your business unique.  Why would the customer choose you over your competitors?  Using authentic, natural images will help your customers to feel closer to your business.  Especially for a local small business, you want to appear down to earth and inviting.  Here’s a couple suggestions to help you start brainstorming:


  • Shots of your branded company vehicles.
  • Meet the staff (head shot’s with a little backstory behind each employee)
  • Have your employees take a few action shots on the job.
  • Celebrate your VIP customers with a handshake photo (remember to get consent)
  • If you have graphics created than promote a sale, special offer or new service.


  • Photo’s of your location looking amazing.
  • Meet the staff (head shot’s with a little backstory behind each employee)
  • Staff member using a new piece of equipment or testing out a new service
  • If you have graphics created than promote a sale, special offer or new service.
  • Show updates of anything you have in the works.  Renovations or new additions.

Unless you have a reasonable amount of time on your hands to pump out images and videos consistently, chances are your Facebook page is going to rely heavily on Text posts.  This is totally fine! there are plenty of ways to be engaging with your audience using text only and I am sure you’ve seen some of the most popular methods of text posts used by other pages a tonne.

Tell me in the comments down the bottom of this page if you have any other classics to add to this list of go-to text posts.

  • Fill in the blank
    • While this might seen a little hacky, it’s amazing how people just cannot resist interacting.
  • What are you plans for ‘Insert local event’
  • Quiz questions
  • Facebook poll
    • Below ‘Write something’ you will find an option for ‘Create a poll’  this can be a good way to gauge your customers opinions on the products or services you offer, or it could be more of a light-hearted fun poll.
  • Wish everyone a ‘Insert public holiday’.
  • Ask questions for unlikely scenario’s
    • You may need a larger audience to begin using this method.  It’s very similar to the fill in the blank, if someone finds that they have an answer to a question most people wouldn’t, they will find it hard to resist answering.

Text posts can be anything and everything.  The important thing to note here is that once you begin writing as your business you need to develop a consistent way of speaking and STICK to it!  Your page will begin to take on its own personality over time and that’s what you want.  Remember to always be polite online and never post anything that can be interpreted as aggressive.  You want to exude a sense of approachability so that your followers feel comfortable connecting with you.

Final 3

Ok so I’m hoping by this stage you have the basics of your Facebook page functional, you have added all the followers you can for the moment and you have begun to think about creating some content to fill in the page and start attracting new business!  Before we move on to the next topic I want to outline three important tips regarding the ongoing maintenance of your business page.  We’re nearly done!

Interact with communities

A great way to direct traffic to your business page (especially for a local business) is by joining local Facebook groups already in existence.  These days every city has literally hundreds of pages that range across all aspects of life.  If you run a fishing and tackle shop for example, I guarantee if you search Facebook for: fishing ‘insert your city name’ you are going to get quite a few results.  Say your a tradesman?  You already know how many pages are dedicated to people in your trade and that’s a great place to start, however to find customers you may want to look towards fellow small business owner pages or review pages in your city.

Don’t just sit in the group once you are accepted in, become a contributing member.  It isn’t hard to have a look once or twice a day at your groups to see if there is anything you can weigh in on being discussed.  Doing this will gain you authenticity and a little more respect when you eventually start mentioning your own business and what you can offer.  Being caught as a spammer who is just trying to sell their service/product is a quick way to get the boot, so make sure you contribute beforehand!

Consistency of posts

One thing you should know off the bat is that not all of your followers are going to see every post you make.  Your exposure will depend on the number of pages and friends they already have contributing to their personal ‘news feed’,  which can be stiff competition.  It is for this reason that I say post regularly, if you only have a couple hours to spend on content and creating posts each week that’s fine.  Instead of clicking ‘post’ after creating your content simply hit ‘schedule’.  This is a great way to save time and keep your page active throughout the week.  You can schedule 7 posts on a Sunday that will then run each day through the week.

Find a plan that suits you and start slow.  Wearing yourself out and spamming your followers is not going to help much.  There is a balance and it is quite minimal to begin with.  As your page grows in popularity you may have to dedicate a little more time to it – but hey, that means it’s working!

Responding to personal messages

Whether or not you choose for your pages’ call to action to be a message, a phone call or a link to your website – people will message you anyway.  Responding promptly to these messages can be tough, especially if you are running your own full-time business.  Keep in mind though that if a customer has gone so far as to message you 1-on-1 then that makes them a pretty warm lead, which could be quite valuable to your business.

If you are using a smartphone, set messenger notifications on and try to respond as quickly as possible.  Followers will be able to see the average speed of your responses and % of messages responded to.  Getting this as low as possible is going to entice more people into using this method of communication and hence, more business!

Thank you

For taking the time to read this, I hope it helps you in growing your business on Facebook and I wish you all success!

If you’re ready to move on, check out the next topic Website Preparation

And please remember to leave me a comment at the bottom.

I’m Anders Pinkerton, a Brisbane based graphic designer.  I hope you enjoy the course and get a lot of useful information out of it.   If you need further help with your business, I also offer one on one consultations and training.  Please feel free to contact me at

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